Trier - Germany

Urban Renewal - Castelnau Barracks


Trier is the oldest city in Germany situated on the banks of the river Moselle. The urban area is divided into 19 city districts. The area of former French military barracks Castelnau is located in Feyen’s district.


In collaboration with BGHplan landscape architects we won a competition for the overall vision and master plan to gauge how the former barracks could be developed into a new residential district and what it will take to get there.


Castelnau’s Master Plan describes the broad vision for the area. It is the core philosophy that guides development, conservation and capital improvement projects to improve the quality of life in the Feyen’s community. It guides where and in what form development occurs in the community and frames the area’s capital improvement projects. During the life of the master plans 10-year time frame, decisions are made on land use issues and budget priorities and these decisions are guided by the extent to which they correspond with the master plan.


On the site of around 101 ha, EGP, a Public Private Partnership, will in the next few years be developing this new residential district on an impressive scale. A variety of designs and types of housing and a wide range of building options will be on offer there.

In discussion with residents, buyers, interested parties, a district including new transport connections is being built in Feyen. New living space, extensive local facilities and a variety of designs including detached single-family houses, terrace houses, stylish freehold apartments and communal housing for all age groups are being developed.


Location Castelnau
Master Plan
Castelnau Masterplan
Housing Training Field
housing one floor
Housing training field
Existing Buildingd
existing building

Competition 1ste prize

In collaboration with:

BGH-plan Landscape architects

Commissioned by:

EGP - Gesellschaft für Urbane Projektentwickelung