Stadskroon - City Crown

Residential Building

The Hague - Netherlands


The building is situated in a central district of The Hague. The location is part of a Rob Krier’s master plan for the Rivierbuurt. The municipality of The Hague has awarded our design for a residential building of 50 meters height, housing 55 luxury apartments in the tower and 900m2 of commercial area on the ground floor level.


The building had to be developed on a small triangular shaped ground, which works as an island in the neighbourhood having no front or backsides. All façades are important and can be seen from the surroundings. Therefore we designed a building based on the principals of a ziggurat. Its base follows the contour of the city fabric establishing the relationship with the existing buildings and the building’s body follows the form of a pyramidal tower.



Competion Municipality of The Hague

1st prize

Commissioned by:

Strabag Bouw en Ontwikkeling