Metropolitan Ecolution

International Seminar

Metropolis Baixada Santista

São Paulo - Brazil


A three days dialogue between

Brazil and the Netherlands


The seminar took place on 11th, 12th and 13th of November 2013, at the auditorium of the Catholic University in the city Santos. Representatives of governmental bodies from the Metropolis Baixada Santista and from the State of São Paulo, professionals engaged in the process of improving urban environment and professors of two Brazilian universities participate on the programme.

By interchange, this seminar turned out as an interesting dialogue’s platform inspiring both parties, Brazilian and Dutch, towards tackling challenges related to urbanization.

The Dutch professionals had the opportunity to acquaint the issues of the metropolitan area of Baixada Santista as well as to introduce themselves, and their work, to relevant players in this part of Brazil.


Seminar’s opening:

The seminar gets started with a formal opening and speeches of:

  • Architect Nelson Gonçalves : director of the urban planning department of the municipality of Santos, on behalf of Dr. P.A. Barbosa, mayor of Santos.

  • Prof. Me. Marcos Medina: rector of the Catholic University of Santos.

  • Prof. Dr. Valéria Petri: vice-rector of the Federal University of São Paulo.

  • Architect Paola Huijding: founder of Volpi Urbane and initiator of Metropolitan Ecolution.


Seminar’s structure:

Since a dialogue was the goal of the seminar, its programme has been set up following a block scheduling in order to concentrate experiences of subjects. The speakers have been scheduled by subject. At the end of each two presentations, a Brazilian and a Dutch one, there was the opportunity to discuss about the presented subject acting out a dialogue. A panel of professionals and public have changed ideas based on the practices of both countries.  


metropolitan area
seminar maps
seminar's opening
seminar's attendees
Dutch participants

Funding by:

Creative Industries Fund NL

Dutch Consulate São Paulo

Universidade Católica Santos


  • Paola Huijding – Director Volpi Urbane

  • Wolbert van Dijk – Landscape and Urban Designer

  • Ton Venhoeven – Director Venhoeven CS

  • Caio Fontana – Consultant Tecenge Advisory

  • Nelson Gonçalves – Director of the Urban Department of Santos

  • Cheryl Hicks – Project leader UNEP/CSCP

  • Rafael Ambrósio – Instituto Pólis

  • José Roberto dos Santos – Director Geo-Brasilis

  • Anne Feenstra – Architect Delhi 2050

  • Dingeman Deijs – Architect

  • Ricardo Kenji Oi – Member of the Water Management Department of São Paulo

  • Fábio Serrano – Deputy Director of the Urban Planning Department of Guarujá

  • Renato Guimarães – Architect at the Company for Social Housing and Urban                                         Development of São Paulo


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