Liège Airport- Belgium

Master Planning


Liège airport, also called Liège-Bierset, is located northwest of the city of Liège, in the east of Belgium. It is mainly used for freight operation and it was in 2012 the 8th biggest cargo airport in Europe, situated in the center of the triangle Paris-Amsterdam-Frankfurt. The airport’s ambition is to play a role of economic partner and has now become a business magnet that has far outgrown its historical links with air traffic.


To meet the airport ambitions was necessary to set up an urban and economic strategic master plan in order to develop the airport site as a whole economic village addressing sectors of multimodality, full cargo, passenger transport and all airport related services and activities.


The airport purchased ground in its surroundings to expand the airport’s area. An assemblage of urban areas of small villages and nature areas was the underlay for our master plan that focused on integrating these areas with the airport site.


The whole area is the site of complex relations: economic, political, social, cultural and infrastructural. Hence we firstly worked on the infrastructure vision focusing on an efficient accessibility to the airport business park and the rehabilitation of the mobility network among the small villages in the surrounding in order to promote and encourage an increase of their own economy too. Once this infrastructure seemed to work efficiently, we started working on the master plan of the business park as a part of a big scale landscape project. The green and blue (water management) infrastructure has been integrated in the business park master plan in order to create pleasant public spaces as well for the people working there, as for the population of the small villages in the surroundings. 

Bierset locatie

European Tender

In collaboration with:

Inverda/buro5 - Maastricht

IDEA Consult - Brussels

Commissioned by:

SOWAER - Societé Wallone des Aéroports