Liège - Belgium

Urban Renewal - Cathedrále Nord District


Liège is situated in the valley of the Meuse River, in the east of Belgium close to the borders with the Netherlands and Germany. The city used to be part of the industrial backbone of Wallonia, which was the first fully industrialized area in Continental Europe. In the 20th century the city began to suffer from a decline of its coal and steel industry turning into a city with a very low GDP per capita. Since the beginning of the 21th century Liège has shown signs of economic recovery. Several new buildings have been built, and numerous repairs carried out.


Due to this city’s recovery, master planning was needed in order to reorganise degenerated urban areas. One of these areas was the district of Cathédrale Nord located in the centre of Liège between the districts Le Carré and Batte. This district occupies a very strategic position in the city’s urban fabric; hence it’s economic relevance. The public areas have undergone a major degradation over the past centuries and many existing blocks suffer from impoverishment caused by low quality economic activities or have just been demolished due to the unorganised mobility infrastructure.


As an economic engine and a reform mechanism our strategy for the redevelopment of this district explored the design potentials to achieve integrated planning, integrating plans with budgets, planning with partners and stakeholders, promoting market responsiveness and recognizing cultural diversity.


Starting with the rehabilitation and enhancement of the public spaces network and reorganising the mobility infrastructure, we went through all the work phases accomplishing the deliverables necessary for the realization of the proposed projects.


European Tender

In collaboration with:

Inverda/buro5 - Maastricht

IDEA Consult - Brussels

Commissioned by:

City of Liège