Delbroek - Netherlands

Housing, Health and Sport Facilities


The city of Weert is situated in the southeastern Netherlands between North-Brabant, South-Limburg and Belgium. The location of our project is called Delbroek that is a former agriculture area. In the last years golf has increased as sport activity in this region and our client aims to transform the area into a green ecological housing neighbourhood. Close to an existing golf course and a former waste disposal he aims to develop a village for leaving, health and sport activities, including a hotel.


Our urban-design plan transforms this site into an attractive green urban centre to meet the needs of the whole programme. With two more golf courses and a residential area with a diverse building typologies. The central area of the plan accommodates apartments and a health care centre. From this point the urban structure integrates with the nature and the golf courses. Houses are grouped in cluster according to the principals of the local farms typology. The entrance of the houses area concentrated in a common enclosure area, like it is organised in the farm buildings of this region. Assembling the houses according to this local architecture tradition makes possible to have a minimum traffic infrastructure in the neighbourhood; a very important aspect to guaranty a green character of the area in which users and visitor can wander. 


Commissioned by:

Vital Nederland BV