Theater & Concert hall

Purmerend - The Netherlands


The building is situated in Purmerend, a city in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. Located within two intense traffic ways, the railway and the River Where, the building is essentially an assemblage of three rectangular volumes: two of them house concert halls and the third one a theatre.  Each volume is a ‘box-in-a-box’. The outside and inside boxes are physically not connected to each other in order to keep the sounds and music it the inside box. This construction allows the use of all three rooms simultaneous avowing sound interference during the shows.

The three boxes rest on a concrete embankment and are connected by a common foyer that connects also to a two-story bar on the building’s corner. 

Competition 1ste prize

In collaboration with:

Anneke Janson

Commissioned by:

Municipality of Purmerend